eHealth Week 2016

In Search of a Digital Health Compass:

My Data, My Decision, Our ePower

eHealthWeek 2016, Amsterdam June 9, 2016 10:30-12:30, Hall C, Level 1, Veilingzaal.

Co-chairs: Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Foundation and Anne Moen, European Federation for Medical Informatics
Moderator: John Rayner, HIMSS Regional Director – Europe and Latin America

A joint HL7/EFMI session in the eHealthWeek 2016

Knowledge is power. Despite extensive investments in digital health technology, navigating the health system online is challenging for most citizens. Also for eHealth, the “Inverse Care Law” proposed by Hart in 1971, seems to apply. Availability of good medical or social care services and tools online, varies inversely with the need of the population. The low adoption of eHealth services, and persistent disparities in health triggers a call for multidisciplinary action.

Barriers and challenges are not to be underestimated. Culture, education, skills, costs, perceptions of power and role, are essential for multidisciplinary action. This comes together in digital health literacy, which ought to become an integral part to navigate any health system. Patients living with an implanted device or coping with persistent, chronic disease such as diabetes, as well as citizens engaged in self-care, caring for an elderly relative, a neighbor, or their child with illness or deteriorating health, need a digital health compass.

The panel will engage the audience to elaborate on a vision for this personal, digital health compass and drive advancement in health informatics and digital health standards. The transformative power of health data fueled by targeted digital health literacy interventions can be leveraged by open, massive, and individualized delivery. This way, digital health literate, confident patients and citizens join health professionals, researchers and policy makers to address age-related health and wellness changes to shape the emerging precision medicine and population health initiatives.



John Rayner, Regional Director -Europe & Latin America; Healthcare Advisory Services Group, HIMSS Analytics, will moderate the session facilitating interaction with audience.


Prof. Anne Moen, RN, PhD, FACMI, will introduce the topic and share perspectives on the pressing need for health professionals, patients and health informatics to jointly develop the vision leading to a research and policy roadmap for digital health literacy. Dr. Moen is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Director of UiO:eColab at the University of Oslo, she is the President of EFMI (European Federation for Medical Informatics) and a Fellow of the American College for Medical Informatics (ACMI).

Petra Wilson, PhD, will offer perspectives of patients, raising a call for action for the health systems to integrate digital health literacy interventions every step of the way. In addition to personal experiences with implantable devices, she will give examples from diabetes to illustrate the needs of patients. Dr. Wilson has served in important leadership roles in Europe, and most recently, she served as CEO of the International Diabetes Federation.

Robert Stegwee, PhD, will provide a Dutch and European PHR (Personal Health Record) perspective where patients and professionals engage in digital transformation. He works to drive healthcare innovation and the successful adoption of digital health technologies. Dr. Stegwee is Principal Consultant for Capgemini Consulting in the Netherlands, expert in Digital Transformation, Chair of CEN/TC 251 Health Informatics, and Board Member of the Dutch “Cotton Wool in my Head” Foundation in support of Alzheimer's patients.

Catherine Chronaki, MS, will speak on initiatives for patient engagement, where myHealthData, quantified self measures and Participatory Medicine, are included to deliver tailored, adaptive and actionable health experience for individuals, families and communities. Ms. Chronaki is Secretary General, HL7 Foundation, and representative of non-profit institutional members to the EFMI Council.

Prof. Ed Hammond, MD, PhD, FACMI, FHIMSS, will speak on new initiatives in standards, seeking to liberate data for population health and precision medicine in the learning health system. He will be using HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources and standards) as an example of recent development. Prof. Ed Hammond is Director of Duke Center of Health Informatics, USA, and professor emeritus in Community and Family Medicine, Duke University. He has served as President of AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association).

Prof. Christian Lovis, MD, MPH, will address means for the industry to engage with health professionals and policy makers to contribute to research strategies that alleviate disparities with digital health literacy. Prof. Lovis is Chairman of the Medical Informatics Department at University Hospitals Geneva, Vice Chair of the Board, HIMSS and President-elect of EFMI.

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