eHealth Week 2016

In-depth international eMental Health meeting

June 8th, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Session description

  1. Get introduced to a variety of e-Mental Health products
  2. Gather and share inspiring knowledge and innovation
  3. Expand your network, conjoin opportunities and cooperation's

This meeting is interesting for anyone working in or with mental health care: professional, policy advisor, researcher, manager, director and various health care providers, entrepreneurs or financiers.

You can share and discuss innovations, research and developments of e-Mental Health in an interactive way. Furthermore, you can meet and connect with your peers to build an (inter)national network in e-Mental health and to create lasting collaborations. Last but not least, you can experience several successful e-Mental Health products and become acquainted with cooperation's from the Netherlands. We believe it will be an inspirational evening for stakeholders and hope it will bring e-Mental Health further!


  • GGZ Nederland, Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care
  • Cooperation Mental Wealth - developer eMental Health
  • Stichting Koppeltaal - developer IT for eMental Health
  • NewHealth Collective - entrepreneur eMental Health
  • GGZ Noord Holland Noord - provider of mental health care
  • GGZ Friesland - provider of mental health care
  • Stichting Arq, Inpreze - expertise network on psychotrauma
  • E-KJP - expertise network on child & youth psychiatry
  • Karify - eMental Health application
  • Altrecht - provider of mental health care